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If your healthcare provider has given you keppra oral solution for your child, be sure to ask your pharmacist for a medicine syringe to help you measure the correct amount of keppra oral solution.

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of the keppra-treated patients experiencing non-psychotic behavioral disorders, one patient discontinued treatment due to aggression.

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keppra can be used by itself as an anticonvulsant medication.

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our son danilo 3years has a heavy non-controlled epilepsy and next to all meds we tried currently only topiramat helps but keppra, sabril, depakine, nitrazepam, zonesamide did not help.

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your discount pricing for generic keppra.

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on march 2015 he got his first seizzure , he went back taking tegretol had seizzures again and after a month an a half had another seizzure they switched his meds to keppra and has had over 10 seizzures since.


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