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in 2006, the fda added a black box warning about the potential depakote birth defects side effects, after a study found that 20 of pregnant mothers who gave birth while on depakote had a child with malformations or a birth defect.

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one of the most significant and most common antipsychotic withdrawal side effects is having a seizure, even if you take this anticonvulsant medication for bipolar disorder or migraines and have never previously had a seizure; there is the risk of having a seizure while coming off depakote.

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once the individual is stable, sedated and comfortable from the therapies, a depakote taper can begin and can be adjusted if depakote withdrawal side effects appear.

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presented by dr dana pharmacy depakote migraine 2007-2013 .

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if pancreatitis is diagnosed, depakote should ordinarily be discontinued.


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