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Iv hydrocortisone cream 10 , 1 ; decadron –dexamethasone sodium phosphate; aristocort –triamcinolone acetonide; chempad –l lidocaine, menthol, h hydrocortisone, menthol, lh lidocaine hydrocortisone, menthol; medipad –l lidocaine, menthol, h hydrocortisone, menthol, lh lidocaine hydrocortisone, menthol; dexamethasone– decaderm, decadron ; betamethasone– alphatrex cream-ointment, diprolene af, lotrisone cream, maxivate cream-lotion-ointment, psorion cream, betatrex .

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the active ingredient of decadron is dexamethasone – glucocorticosteroid hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex.

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